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Free Events

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation with Karma
Wed – Sun 9.00am – 9.30am (Turbine Platform) FREE


Start your day with a clear and alert mind with Lama Karma Phuntsok’s special meditation experience. Karma will guide us through mantra recitations – energy-based sounds which produce particular positive vibrations.

The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words –man’ meaning mind and ‘tra’ meaning to protect or to free from. Karma will guide participants through traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation and thought awareness techniques. A beautiful way to start the day refreshed and re-energised.

Tibetan Yoga with Kunga Yoga

Tibetan Yoga with Kunga
Wed – Sun 9.30am – 10.30am and Wed – Sat 5.00pm – 6.00pm (Turbine Platform) FREE


Originally from Tibet, Kunga lived in exile in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala for 18 years, before coming to Australia in 2010. During his time in Dharamsala, Kunga studied the Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga systems under Yoga Master Vijay at the Universal Yoga Centre. At that time he also studied a variety of traditional Tibetan healing practices. Kunga has also completed studies in Buddhist Philosophy at Varanasi University.


2.00pm – 4.00pm Saturday 29th April (Turbine Platform) FREE

Geshe Tashi Tsering

Join highly respected Tibetan Buddhist master, Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering as he discusses the ideals of compassion and loving kindness and the benefit these bring to all sentient beings.

In Buddhism consciousness is defined as clear or luminous, and knowing. Khensur Rinpoche will explain the luminous nature of the mind, and how we can improve our mind to make it more positive. It is said that if the mind is accompanied by wisdom and great compassion, it can be developed without any limitation and Rinpoche will explain the reasons why this is possible.

Khensur Rinpoche explains how we can develop our own compassionate nature and effectively apply this approach in everyday life. In this conversation, he will explore aligning our inner lives with our outer reality to discover the true path to happiness.


11.30am – 1.00pm Saturday 29th Jan (Turbine Platform) FREE
To understand Tibet, people must hear directly from the Tibetans. Australia has a small yet strong community of around 2,000 Tibetans. Many were born in Tibet and have experienced life under China’s occupation. Others were born to refugee parents who fled into exile in India. Through their personal stories, Our Tibet Story celebrates the human spirit of hope and courage.
Join a panel discussion with three young Tibetan activists and hear their Tibet stories.
Our Tibet Story is an initiative of Australia Tibet Council to enable Tibetans to tell the story of their struggle in their own words.

Mask Painting and Print Your Wishes Workshops

Mask Painting 10:30am
10am–11am Wed 26–Sat 29 April FREE (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


Masks are used in Tibetan Buddhist ritual dance and Tibetan performing arts to represent various characters.  Wrathful, kind, devious or spiritual, the masks are often extremely colourful and stylised.   Traditionally trained artist Gyaltsen will guide participants as they create their own Tibetan mask to take home.


Print Your Wishes
2pm–3pm, Wed 26–Sat 29th April (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


The prayer flag tradition has a long history dating back to ancient Tibet. Buddhists believe that, as the wind moves the flags, the prayers and mantras they bear are carried on the wind to benefit all sentient beings. Prayer flags were traditionally printed using black ink and hand carved woodblocks. The colours
most often used for the flags are yellow, green, red, white, and blue representing the five Buddha families and the five elements. Using traditional Tibetan woodblocks, participants can print their own wishes and prayers with a special message of peace, compassion, prosperity or happiness to share with the world.


Mix Tape – TIBET In Song

Mix Tape – TIBET In Song
Turbine Platform 3:30pm Sun 30th April FREE
The last Sunday of every month, Mix Tape inspires collaboration between diverse and talented singer-songwriters. Three different musicians will be brought together to discuss the music that drives them, each chatting about and performing their own mixtape of original songs or covers. Join us for “Tibet In Song” during the Festival of Tibet featuring  Gyenyen Tenzin and Tenzin Kunsang from Japan and Tenzin Theckchok and Tenzin Khentse Brisbane’s own Tibetan talent share their journey through songs.