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2014 Exhibition

SAND MANDALA by Tashi Lhunpo Monks of TIBET
10:00am – 5:00pm Daily Turbine Platform


Throughout the Festival, the monks will create a stunningly beautiful sand mandala. Millions of grains of brightly coloured sand are placed with great skill and patience using a metal funnel called a chak phur to form intricate geometric designs. A mandala is thought to bring peace and harmony to the area where it is being constructed. Simply viewing a mandala is believed by Buddhists to be enough to change one’s mind stream by creating a strong imprint of the beauty of perfection of the Buddha’s mind, as is represented in the mandala itself. As a result of this imprint, one may be able to find greater compassion, awareness, and a better sense of well-being.

Beautifully detailed and highly symbolic, the sand mandala takes many days to complete, with the process culminating in the spiritually charged dissolution ceremony on the final day. Only in the last few decades has this ancient sacred art been brought out of the monasteries for all to witness.
Sunday 26th Jan 11:00am (Turbine) Sand Mandala Dissolution with Incense Burning Ritual – The mandala construction itself is the result of long and disciplined effort, but it is nonetheless a temporary work. When the monks are finished, there is a dissolution ceremony where the deity is released by the dismantling of the mandala. The sand is cast into a body of water to emphasize and highlight the impermanence of all things and the importance of nonattachment. When the sand enters the water, the kindness and compassion of the deity are disseminated into the world to benefit all beings.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – Make your own Mala
3pm–5pm Daily Daily Turbine Platform

CountYourblessings2Create your own strand of sacred prayer beads in the tradition of Tibetan philosophy under the guidance of Tashi Lhunpo Monks of Tibet. Participants will learn the symbolism and proper use of their own strand of 108 beads and will have the opportunity to have their new mala blessed by the monks.

Materials, including beads made of eco-friendly wood, glasses and crystals.  Whole family can join in this hands on workshop.


10:00am – 5:00pm Daily Turbine Platform


An exhibition of Tibetan Thangka paintings will transform the Powerhouse’s Turbine Platform into a sacred space of stunning buddhas, bodhisattvas and deities. All paintings by Tibetan Artists in Exile.

The exhibition also features cutting edge contemporary Tibetan art by master painter Karma Phuntsok. Although traditionally trained, Karma also applies a range of innovative techniques and materials in his work, creating unique and dynamic expressions of contemporary Buddhist Art. Karma’s art is featured in collections around the world including the Queensland Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.