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Why Tibet ? Our Tibet Story

Why Tibet – Our Tibet Story 3.00pm –
4.30pm Sat 24th Jan  (Turbine Platform)-  FREE

Ever wanted to take action for Tibet but don’t know where to start? Hosted by the Brisbane branch of the Australia Tibet Council, this session addresses ways to promote human rights and democratic freedoms and encourage a peaceful and lasting solution to the Tibetan situation. Come along for an opportunity to meet others who care about Tibet and consider some of the ways we can all support the Tibetan cause and help create a better future.

This session will showcase the ‘Our Tibet Story’ series in which Tibetans in Australia share their stories of loss, courage and hope. Australia has a small yet strong community of over 1000 Tibetans, many of whom are former political prisoners and have experienced life under China’s rule. Through their personal stories, Our Tibet Story counters China’s propaganda and celebrates the human spirit of courage and hope.

For six decades, the Tibetans have committed to non-violent resistance in their freedom struggle. However, today violence grabs the headlines and moves leaders to action. A better world is possible by embracing the positive stories of non-violent resistance.

Our Tibet Story is an initiative of Australia Tibet Council enabling Tibetans in Australia to share their stories in their own words. For more information on the project, visit www.ourtibetstory.org