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BRISBANE POWERHOUSE, 18th – 24th April 2016

Proceeds go to the Tibetan Children’s Village, India.
“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – HH the 14th
Dalai Lama

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We are honoured to host the first ever visit to Australia by His Eminence the 7th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche, who will bless us with his presence and wisdom with Karmic Imprints. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recognised him as the reincarnation of his Senior Tutor, the 6th Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche; the Festival of Tibet therefore offers a rare and auspicious opportunity to hear one of Buddhism’s most respected teachers share his intimate understanding and experience of Karma, death and rebirth.  http://lingrinpoche.info/
Another very special guest is keynote speaker Dr Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned scholar and environmental advocate who has dedicated her career to investigating the most significant ecological and social issues of our time. Dr Shiva’s passionate and compelling talk Making Peace with the Earth will address the importance of the soil itself as well as Tibet’s pivotal role as the water source for billions of people throughout Asia.
“You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva
Bringing Tibet Home (FILM) – The risks involved in the creation of an audacious work of subversive art are chronicled in this affecting documentary, which explores the personal pain of Tibetan exiles treading on home soil which has been smuggled out of their homeland to India.
Bardo Songs – Liberation through hearing CONCERT – Lucid poetry combined with sublime music and a mesmerising unfolding visual art experience provides a window into the moments just before and just after death and how we prepare for the mind’s release from the body and the experiences of ‘the between’.
Tibet on Fire Concert – The Roaring Fire Choir is led by local vocal legend, Yani Choir mistress. Tenzing Yeshi from Melbourne will be joined by Sherab and Metok, Kunsang and Gaynyen from Japan.
Special Events: Karmic Imprints: Liberation Through Seeing – a unique exhibition of artworks from  prominent contemporary Tibetan artists from around the world. The exhibition will  open a window into the minds of these artists, some of whom have experienced censorship during their careers, and the conflicts and synergies that exist between identity, traditions, spirituality and life in the modern world.
Ticketed Workshops
Free workshops
Sand Mandala,  Morning Meditation, Tibetan Yoga, Chakra Healing, Prayer flag printing.
Proceeds go to Tibetan Children’s Villages, India, to support the education of  Tibetan children living in exile
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*Please note that Exhibition Opening is on Wednesday 20th April @ 6:30pm – free


A very warmhearted Thank You to Deva Premal & Miten and Frieds for the beautiful Prayer for Peace Concert to Launch the Festival and raise much needed awareness and funds for the education of Tibetan Children in Exile.


Proudly sponsored by Brisbane Powerhouse, Perfect Potion, Philip Bacon Galleries and supported by Tibet Information Office,Deva Premal and Miten, Himalayan Film Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Australia Tibet Council, Chenrezig Institute, Tibetan Education Fund and Chris Hooper Promotions.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – Make your own Mala
10:00am – 11:00am Wed – Sat (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


Create your own strand of sacred prayer beads in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Participants will learn the symbolism and proper use of their own strand of 108 precious beads. Materials, including beads made of eco-friendly wood, glasses and crystals are provided.  The whole family can join in this hands-on workshop.

02:00pm – 3:00pm Wed – Sat (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


The prayer flag tradition has a long history dating back to ancient Tibet. Buddhists believe that, as the wind moves the flags, the prayers and mantras they bear are carried on the wind to benefit all sentient beings. Prayer flags were traditionally printed using black ink and hand carved woodblocks.The colours most often used for the flags are yellow, green, red, white, and blue representing the five Buddha families and the five elements. Using age old traditional Tibetan woodblocks, Participants can print their own wishes and prayer with a special message of peace, compassion, prosperity or happiness to share with the world.