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SAND MANDALA – Monks of Tibet
10:00am – 5:00pm Wed – Sun (Turbine Plateform) FREE


Throughout the Festival, you can witness our resident monks creating a stunningly beautiful sand mandala. Millions of grains of brightly coloured sand are placed with great skill and patience using a metal funnel called a chak phur to form intricate geometric designs. Beautifully detailed and highly symbolic, the sand mandala can take many days to complete, with the process culminating in the spiritually charged dissolution ceremony on the final day (Sunday 24th April @ 12pm). Only in the last few decades has this ancient sacred art been brought out of the monasteries for all to witness.

WED 20 APRIL–SUN 04 MAY, 2016
Please join us for the Exhibition Opening Night on Wed 20 April from 6.30pm on the Turbine Platform.

 Tsherin Sherpa – All Things Considered – 2015

Karmic Imprints – Liberation through seeing brings artworks from some of the most prominent, sought after and sometimes controversial contemporary Tibetan artists from around the world to the Festival of Tibet in 2016. This unique exhibition will open a window into the minds of these artists, some of whom have experienced censorship during their careers, and their inspirations of politics, religion and the conflicts and synergies that exist between identity, traditions, spirituality and life in the modern world.

Tibetan and Himalayan artists have recently made a significant impact in the world of contemporary. Inherent in their works is the desire to address the experience of identifying as Tibetan  – a notion that disrupts the modern world’s tendency to categorise peoples by geographic boundaries. The experience of living in exile and reality that several generations of Tibetans have now grown up without ever stepping into their homeland is addressed in this exhibition, as well as the ongoing issues arising from the occupation of Tibet, through powerful references such as self-immolation, to the continued evolution of Tibetan Buddhist art and spirituality.

From the rich colours of thangka painting to quiet meditative compositions, the works featured carry an energy and voice for Tibetans, each providing their own spiritual or emotional imprint, releasing their own karmic presence. Karma is created by making free-will choices not in line with your Higher Self. Karma represents decisions, concepts, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes that are held consciously and unconsciously by YOU that creates, influences, or magnetizes events and experiences into current reality.

Karmic Imprints include your past individual karmic imprints, ancestral karmic imprints, parental karmic imprints, as-well-as collective imprints inherited.
Please join us for the Exhibition Opening Night on Wed 20 April from 6.30pm on the Turbine Platform with Tarun Nagesh and Karma Phuntsok. 

See the full catalogue of artists HERE.

  • Karma Phuntsok (AUS)
  • Tenzin Rigdol (NYC/INDIA/NEPAL)
  • Tsherin Sherpa (CALIF/INDIA)
  • Gonkar Gyatso (LHASA/NYC/BEJING)
  • Sonam Dolma Braurn (SWISS)
  • Hit Man Gurung (NEPAL)
  • Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar (INDIA)
  • Chungpo Tsering (CALIF/INDIA)
  • Tulku Jamyang (NEPAL)
  • Tashi Norbu (AMS/INDIA)
  • Dolma Chonzom(CALIF/NEPAL)
  • Judy Holding (AUS)
  • Surendra Maharjan (NEPAL)
  • Pema Tshering (BHUTAN)
  • Karma Sichoe (INDIA)


Karma's work                         Karma Phuntsok – City Mandala – 2016