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Mask Painting and Print Your Wishes Workshops

Mask Painting 10:30am
10am–11am Wed 26–Sat 29 April FREE (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


Masks are used in Tibetan Buddhist ritual dance and Tibetan performing arts to represent various characters.  Wrathful, kind, devious or spiritual, the masks are often extremely colourful and stylised.   Traditionally trained artist Gyaltsen will guide participants as they create their own Tibetan mask to take home.


Print Your Wishes
2pm–3pm, Wed 26–Sat 29th April (Mosquito Foyer) FREE


The prayer flag tradition has a long history dating back to ancient Tibet. Buddhists believe that, as the wind moves the flags, the prayers and mantras they bear are carried on the wind to benefit all sentient beings. Prayer flags were traditionally printed using black ink and hand carved woodblocks. The colours
most often used for the flags are yellow, green, red, white, and blue representing the five Buddha families and the five elements. Using traditional Tibetan woodblocks, participants can print their own wishes and prayers with a special message of peace, compassion, prosperity or happiness to share with the world.