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FRIDAY 1st APRIL 5pm AEST – Special Message For FESTIVAL 

Honourable Sikyong Penpa Tsering la, our newly democratically elected political leader of Tibet from Central Tibet Administration will be sharing a message on the 1st April for the festival patrons, artists and volunteers along with the message from Mr. Karma Singey from Canberra Office of Tibet for Australia.

SUNDAY 3rd APRIL 6am AEST – Concert/Meditation
PRAYER FOR PEACE with Deva Premal & Miten
World renowned chant artists Deva Premal & Miten once again join the Festival of Tibet online with a special early morning concert of meditations and illuminations. A beautiful way to start the day.
“As we sing we actually begin to clean our inner world. These mantras wash away the cobwebs and the darker corners of our being and bring rejuvenation and transformation.” – Miten

“Mantras are sound medicine. The medicine works for all of us, no matter what culture we’re from, we all disappear into the chant – whether we’re in London, Moscow, Miami, Tel Aviv, or Rishikesh – it always feels like this.” – Deva Premal


SUNDAY 3rd APRIL 7pm AEST – Film
“MAN IN MAROON” directed by Lara Damiani
The Dalai Lama shares his thoughts on Tibet, politics, secular ethics, human values, religion, China, the Tibetan khata and more. “The Man in Maroon” calls himself ‘a simple monk’ but he’s so much more. His wisdom, insight, laughter and compassion are needed now more than ever.

MONDAY 4th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert
KIKISOSO BAND direct from Japan
Genyen Tenzin (Vocal, Dranyen), Tenzin Kunsang (Vocal, Guitar, Flute, Piwang, Dranyen), Yui chan (Guitar), Kinu (Bass) and Ryoichi (Drum). Ki ki so so lha gyal lo Ki-ki-so-so is a call to the gods and goddesses of the mountains, lakes and rivers, requesting protection and offering praise and gratitude. KIKISOSO BAND is a Tibetan-Japanese collaboration born out of the annual Kikisoso Tibet Festival in Japan. “Through music, we hope that as many people as possible will learn about Tibet, and we hope for freedom of Tibet and peace in the world as soon as possible.”

TIBET TALK led by the Australia Tibet Council

Join our Special guest Lhadon Tethong a Tibetan-Canadian political activist, co-founder and director of Tibet Action Institute, and former executive director of Students for a Free Tibet. She joins for a discussion on “Education Matters : The Future of Tibet” with Tenzin Lobsang Khangsar, Sonam Paljor, Zoe Bedford of Australia Tibet council. The panel will be moderated Tenzin Dolmey
Hosted by Australia Tibet Council
All funds raised will support the education of Tibetan refugee children. To make a donation go to

WEDNESDAY 6th APRIL 7pm AEST – Poetry Readings

Bhuchung D. Sonam, Tenzin Tsundue, Nyin Tsering Tashi and Tenzin Choeyang share their thoughts and poems directly from Dhora Cafe in the small mountain refuge of Dharamsala, northern India. While poets inside Tibet still risk jail, these inspirational Tibetans tell the larger narrative, based on personal experiences of exile and dislocation, and offer common ground to help understand the story of Tibet.   

THURSDAY 7th APRIL 6pm AEST – a tribute
Festival of Tibet pays Tribute to late Tsewang Norbu

Tsewang Norbu, 25year old, a popular young Tibetan singer died of self-immolation on 25 February this year protesting the Chinese government’s repression at the Potala Palace Square in Lhasa, Tibet.

A Tibetan inside Tibet confirmed that as soon as Norbu set himself on fire, Chinese security officers sprang into action and took him away. He died several days later. Due to the extreme China’s media blackouts and censorship it took over a week to confirm that even a self emmolation has taken place and 3 weeks to confirm that Tsewang Norbu had suffered severe burns and subsequently died.

Tsewang Norbu was born in Nagchu in 1996. He was a graduate of the Tibet University in Lhasa. He was married with a child. His father, Choegyen, from Pelgon County, is a teacher at the Nagchu City Performance Arts Troupe. Choegyen is counted among the best musicians and composers at the national level. Norbu’s mother is the famous singer Sonam Wangmo from Sog County.

The self-immolation of young Tibetans like Tsewang Norbu, who seems to have it all, reveals the truth of ongoing China’s repression and human rights vailations in Tibet.

To prevent self-immolations and save lives, we call on China to halt its Sinicization programs and uphold the human rights of Tibetans to protect and promote their culture and language, and freely exercise basic freedoms including freedom of expression and freedom to practice one’s religion or belief.

While paying tribute to Tsewang Norbu, please hold all  Tibet and its people in your prayers and thoughts.

THURSDAY 7th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert
PHASA BAND from Paris

Phasa Band began as a group of Tibetan friends living in exile and making a new life in France. Coming together through a shared passion for Tibetan music, this newly formed Tibetan band has recently launched on the festival circuit in France.

FRIDAY 8th APRIL 7AM AEST – Meditation
Meditation with Kunga Tsering Yogi

Originally from Tibet, Kunga lived in exile in Dharamsala before coming to Australia in 2010. Kunga has studied Hatha yoga systems, traditional Tibetan healing practices and Buddhist philosophy.

FRIDAY 8th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert
KHARAG PENPA from South Korea
Kharag Pempa studied Tibetan song, music and dance at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts and is now a prominent Tibetan artist in Korea. A master of traditional Tibetan music, especially from the Ngri region of Tibet, Pempa was awarded the UCC Gold award for An Open Heart, a song about the Dalai Lama.

SATURDAY 9th APRIL 7pm AEST – Teaching
“THE THREE PRINCIPAL ASPECTS OF THE PATH” with Khensur Rinpoche, Geshe Tashi Tsering

In this short teaching, Khensur Rinpoche will discuss the three principal aspects of the path as set out in the Lam-Rim (The Steps of the Path), first formulated by the great Atisha – Renunciation, Right View and Bodhichitta. Khensur Rinpoche, Geshe Tashi Tsering, is a highly respected Tibetan teacher of the Gelug tradition. He is based in Brisbane where he teaches regularly at his School of Buddhist Science in Spring Hill, Tashi Khangmar Samdrub Ling. He also teaches regularly for the Good Fortune Trust.

SUNDAY 10th APRIL 5pm AEST –  a Short FILM
Gut Instinct – A film by Mark Gould

Sunday 10th APRIL 5pm AEST – Concert
Gut Instinct – A film by Mark Gould
It’s hard to achieve inner peace with crippling stomach pains. Luckily for one group of Tibetan monks fate has brought a solution to their endemic problem, which may finally cure an ancient affliction. Australian Drs. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren won the Nobel Prize for discovering how to detect and treat Helicobacter Pylori, the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers, Endemic in poor countries, if it’s not treated it can eventually cause stomach cancer. Nearly 80% of Tibet’s 100,000 monks are infected, some for 20 years. But during the course of this film, a chance encounter offers a lifeline. “It’s amazing. For $200 we can test, we can treat and we can change lives.”
– Mark Gould

SUNDAY 10th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert
RAGA FOR TIBET with Taro Terahara & friends from Japan

Widely renowned bansuri master Taro Terahara will join the Festival directly from Japan. A leading musician in the thriving and highly competitive Indian classical music scene, Taro also has an enduring passion for the music and culture of Tibet.

MONDAY 11th APRIL 7pm – Concert
LOTEN NAMLING from Switzerland

Loten Namling is an Indian-born Tibetan musician, artist and activist currently living in Switzerland. He travels worldwide, performing traditional music, songs of the 6nd Dalai Lama and his own compositions. Namling’s performances connect songs of the past to the reality of the present and invite his audiences on a journey through the landscape of spirituality.

TUESDAY 12th APRIL 7pm AEST – Film
“TIBET’S CRY FOR FREEDOM” directed by Lara Damiani

Filmed in Tibet, India, Beijing, and Australia during the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this film highlights Tibet’s long, non-violent struggle for freedom. From the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959 to events that culminated in the Tibet uprisings of 2008, this documentary presents a Tibet rarely experienced by outsiders.

WEDNESDAY 13th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert
Tenzin Kunsang and Hico Natsuaki from Japan

Hico Natsuaki, alias Hico, is a Japanese composer and keyboard-based multi-instrumentalist, from Nagano who has been active in the professional music world for almost 30 years. Tenzin Kunsang, a third-generation Tibetan refugee born in Dheradhun, India, trained for eight years at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in traditional Tibetan music and opera.

THURSDAY 14th APRIL 7pm AEST – Forum

How can Australia better support the Tibetan struggle for autonomy? What should the Australian government do to stand up against the Chinese government’s oppression of the Tibetan people?
Tenzin Phuntsok Doring and Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, (members of the Tibetan Parliament in exile), and Penny Allman-Payne and Stephen Bates (members of the Australian Greens) and facilitated by Councillor Jonathan Sri of Brisbane City Council.

FRIDAY 15th APRIL 7pm AEST – Concert

For the final program of the 14th Festival of Tibet’s virtual online program, we have “A song for Tibet” Concert performed by many Tibetan artists around the globe and Australian artists – Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra and Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra offering a song for Tibet.
We are also sharing the message from Sikyong Penpa Tsering Tibet’s democratically elected political leader of Central Tibetan Administration and a message from Mr. Karma Singey from the Office of Tibet, Canberra. These messages were sent for all the friends of the Festival of Tibet.
A Song for Tibet features -Sonam Phuntsok, Tsering Dorjee Bawa, Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra, Tenzin Tashi aka IxxTashi, Tsering Youdon, Tenzin Kunsang and Hico NatsuAki, Tenzin Choenyi Tsering and Tenzin Choekey Tsering, Kharag Penpa, Loten Namling, Tenzin Choegyal, Marcello Milani, Kiki SoSo Band, Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra.

All funds raised will support the education of Tibetan refugee children. To make a donation go to 



Tokyo 6pm, India 2:30pm,
Moscow 12pm, Munich / Paris / Madrid 11am,
London / Dublin / Lisbon 10am,
Rio de Janeiro / Buenos Aires 6am,
New York / Miami 5am,
Mexico City 4am,
San Francisco 2am    

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