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Meditation : Breath and it’s essence

Join Neljorpa Pemsi (Tibetan Yogi) Dzogchen practitioner for a morning meditation. Practicing meditation which calms the mind involves the elimination of inner and outer distractions and overcoming afflicting emotions. In a state of calmness the mind is capable of achieving equanimity, peace and clarity and with practice the potential for these capacities is limitless. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to understand and experience the true nature of our mind.  There are many methods used by different religions, with breathing practice being one of the most effective.
Neyjorpa Pemsi explains, “Breathing invokes in us the Loong (wind) element which is the energy that gives life to mind. So, by controlling the breathing, we can control the mind. And through Mindfulness we progress to  see Emptiness which is the true nature of our mind.”
This session will offer a general understanding of effective breathing meditation which creates a mind which is stable, calm, alert and clear.
Fri 4th Feb and Sat 5th Feb  (10:00 to 11:00 am) Free