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Wed 30 Jan – Sun 3 Feb 2013

ExileLens Photo Exhibition

This exhibition is a celebration of Tibetan visual culture against the backdrop of ongoing Chinese oppression and continued adjustment to life in exile. Through images straight from the heart of the exile community and its burgeoning creative scene, these works will provide a deeper understanding of the multiple realities of what it means to be Tibetan today.

These incredibly talented and often young emerging artists offer new insights into current life in Tibet, exploring the exile ‘condition’ of Tibetans living as refugees, taking a fresh and young approach.
*Daily Park Mezz

Sand Mandala Creation

Throughout the Festival, mandala master Lama Khedup Bhutia will create a stunningly beautiful sand mandala. Millions of grains of brightly coloured sand are placed with great skill and patience using a metal funnel called a chak phur to form intricate geometric designs.

Beautifully detailed and highly symbolic, the sand mandala can take many days to complete, with the process culminating in the spiritually charged dissolution ceremony on the final day. Only in the last few decades has this ancient sacred art been brought out of the monasteries for all to witness.
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Tibetan paintings Exhibition by Karma Phuntsok

The Festival features an exhibition of cutting edge contemporary Tibetan art by master painter Karma Phuntsok. Although traditionally trained, Karma also applies a range of innovative techniques and materials in his work, creating unique and dynamic expressions of contemporary Buddhist Art.

Karma’s art is featured in collections around the world including the Queensland Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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