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Free Meditations and Workshops

Free Meditations and Workshops

Wed 30 Jan – Sun 3 Feb 2013

Morning Mantra Meditations with Lama Khedup

Start your day with a clear and alert mind as Khedup offers a special meditation experience employing mantra recitation – energy-based sounds which produce vibrations within the universe.

The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words – man meaning “mind” and tra meaning “to protect or to free from”. Khedup will guide participants through traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation and thought awareness techniques. A beautiful way to start the day refreshed and re-energized.

Thu 31 Jan – Sat 2 Feb 9am Turbine Platform

Tibetan Dance Workshop

Tibetan folk dance combines both singing and dance and is an integral part of Tibetan life. Led by dance master Yeshi and members of the Queensland Tibetan community dance troupe, this workshop teaches basic steps and rhythms used in traditional dance forms.

Tibetans express their history, spirituality, cultural traditions and above all love for their homeland through their traditional dances which are still performed at festivals, weddings and gatherings.

Thu 31 Jan + Fri 1 Feb 3pm Turbine Platform

Kid’s Workshop – Make your own Prayer Flag

Join us for a fun workshop printing your own prayer flag with a special message of peace, compassion, prosperity or happiness to share with the world. The prayer flag tradition has a long history dating back to ancient Tibet. The ancient Buddhist prayers, mantras and powerful symbols displayed on each prayer flag produce a spiritual vibration that is activated and carried by the wind. The prayers become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from wind and sun.

Thu 31Jan + Fri 1 Feb 2 – 4pm Turbine Platform

Mantra Singing Workshop

Tenzin Choegyal leads a workshop in the Tibetan style of vocal projection and shares his knowledge of stories told through the songs of Tibet’s nomadic people. Participants learn simple Tibetan folk songs and hear about the ancient “Lama Mani” tradition of telling Buddhist parables through song. Such songs were performed by wandering storytellers who travelled from village to village, drawing on their own often humble origins to relate to people from all backgrounds.

Thu 31Jan 11.30am Turbine Platform

Why Tibet? Grassroots Workshop

Ever wanted to take action for Tibet but don’t know where to start? Hosted by the Australia Tibet Council, this session addresses ways to promote human rights and democratic freedoms and encourage a peaceful and lasting solution to the Tibetan situation. Come along for an opportunity to meet others who care about Tibet and consider some of the ways we can all support the Tibetan community and help to create a better future.

Sat 2 Feb 3pm Park Mezzanine